Introducing Combell

Since 1999, Combell is the absolute market leader in hosting services for companies, IT integrators and software developers and became the most reliable one-stop partner to host about any IT infrastructure, website or application. Besides the common standard services such as domain name registration, website hosting and e-mail, we also specialise in developing integrated solutions tailored to your needs. Not only do we host your infrastructure, but we also take care of the installation, the maintenance, the hardware and the software, the upgrades and the security. This way, you can focus on your main activity.

How does Combell leverage PHP?

As a hoster we offer PHP solutions on our infrastructure. Because of the diversity of our product offering, PHP comes in many shapes at Combell. For our shared platform PHP is offered as a service and is configurable in a control panel. We offer different versions of PHP: 5.3 is our default version and we even offer 5.4. We also offer SSH access on our platform where a PHP binary is available.

On larger setups that require PHP, we offer tailored solutions where the client can choose a versions, the SAPI and all the settings that are necessary. We have tools and utilities that we use to accelerate PHP and make it scale.

Besides installation and configuration, our main differentiator is our expertise: we advise, support and offer consultancy and guarantee the best setup for your code base.

We also develop using PHP: a bunch of our API’s and front-end layers are written in PHP. So we don’t only host PHP, we can actually code PHP. We use our development skills to solve PHP issues and advise our clients.

Why does Combell support or community?

We understand communities, we know what they’re about and we appreciate their importance. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, because our evangelist Thijs Feryn is one of the PHPBenelux board members.

A community is not a charity, that’s an important message we want to spread: we love to invest in communities because we know they offer a valid return on investment. We use them to see where technology is going and how people feel about it. We get a lot of feedback from community members that we use to improve our products.

Customer base, source of inspiration, support channel, recruitment pool and a network of influencers … the community serves all these purposes and PHPBenelux is the perfect example of that.

A big thank you to PHPBenelux and the larger PHP community for all the help over the years, we’ll continue to support you!