Introducing Solutions Solutions is a Belgian open source consultancy company, focusing not just on PHP, but on providing companies complete solutions, from the initial business analysis to the post-deployment support. We implement both Internet and Intranet solutions for customers and leverage on all
technologies in the PHP ecosystem : from Apache to Nginx, from Memcached to MongoDB. In fact, we don’t just use those technologies, our developers actively participate in the open source projects as well.

Our focus on quality and our vast experience in wider fields such as network architecture enables us to successfully deliver projects of any size, from the tiniest internal applications to large multi-site projects requiring high scalability and redundancy.

How does Solutions leverage PHP?

PHP runs through our veins, for some of us as far back as 1997. It’s the core language in almost everything we build and we’re not afraid to use it in ways nobody else ever has. We push PHP and its connected technologies to the limit, we use strict coding standards, focus hard on quality assurance and invest time in contributing to open source projects.

As a result, we are not a one-stop shop, but we build applications on-demand, to the exact specifications required. You will not find Drupal in any of our offers, instead our toolbox holds a combination of Zend Framework, Symfony, PHPUnit, PHP_CodeSniffer, Jenkins and so on… or simply put : any tool that will help us provide the best possible quality to our customers.

Why does Solutions support our community?

Having been a sponsor from the very first PHPBenelux Conference, we believe we need to continue to support this fantastic community event (and other community initiatives) because it’s the ideal way to bring people together to share knowledge and get inspired. Besides that, every PHPBenelux event is just great fun!

For the same knowledge sharing reasons, our people regularly visit and speak at open source conferences around the world and we also provide mirrors for many open source projects via