Introducing DataFlow

DataFlow is a full-service ICT company with its head office in Leuven and offices in Brussels, Ghent, Geel and Luxembourg. More than 600 consultants provide consultancy services to customers, manage high-tech projects and implement integrated solutions. DataFlow has been building a solid reputation since 1999; it operates in IT & telecommunications, industry, pharmaceuticals, the financial sector and public enterprises and it has an extensive portfolio of services.

How does DataFlow leverage PHP?

At DataFlow and ONE Agency, we manage and deliver a lot of web based projects. To make this a success story, we invest a lot in PHP-based frameworks such as Symfony and Drupal. Being one of the largest Drupal integrators in Europe, DataFlow and ONE Agency can rely on a lot of PHP knowledge which we like to share with the community as well. But besides Drupal, we are increasingly using Symfony to provide tailor-made solutions for our client’s demands and we will expand this even more in the near future.

Why does DataFlow support our community?

At DataFlow, we sincerely believe in communities. Therefore, we have been active for quite some time in different open source user groups and support the vision of open source technologies. Together with ONE Agency we take the lead in delivering and promoting open source projects in Europe. DataFlow has sponsored already some great PHPBenelux meetings and will continue to do so with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. But next to the highly interesting technical part of such meetings, we also want to have fun.  So enjoy our winter BBQ!