Introducing Emakina

Emakina is a group of Full Service Digitally-Native communication agencies, operating from across Europe. We are market leaders when it comes to web and mobile services.

How does Emakina leverage PHP?

A large number of our products “think” in PHP. These include websites, web services, and even Facebook applications. We find this open-source language highly useful both for our very large clients, and in smaller ad-hoc projects. Whether we have months to plan ahead, or we are called by the client for some emergency help (which needs to be extremely time-efficient), we know we can count on our PHP experts for delivering the best results !

Why does Emakina support our community?

PHP is not a language like all others. Being open-source and commonly developed, PHP owes its success to its devout and highly-talented developers. First and foremost, joining this event is our chance to thank some of those who made PHP happen. The best way to show our gratitude is by supporting the further developments of PHP. This happens through engagement; exchange of ideas, show of support, and simply associating a (friendly) face to a (brilliant) code.

We are there because we consider ourselves a committed member of our community, the Benelux PHP community!