Introducing Enrise

Enrise; that’s us. We are an open source web technology company based in Amersfoort, centered in The Netherlands. Our PHP developers create web applications and technically complex websites for customers like Wegener (a large Dutch publishing company), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and used cars search engine Autotrack.nl. For these and many other companies we don’t simply do some marketing activities. Instead of that, we focus on backend functionality, systems integration, RESTful API’s and content-heavy websites. Always striving to add optimal value for our customers. We distinguish ourselves with robust solutions for mission critical business applications.

How does Enrise leverage PHP?

Of course, there are many other programming languages that can be used to build advanced websites and applications. Reason for Enrise to choose for PHP as its primary language is the power of its community. No other scripting language has a worldwide community similar to that of PHP. Because it’s open source, most of the PHP developers like to share their knowledge with others and use the tips and tricks from colleagues. Also, the flexibility that PHP provides allows us to provide that same flexibility to our customers. We are not dependent on third-party software companies, but are able to collaborate and give back. Together, these reasons make PHP the ideal programming language for the bespoke software we develop.

Why does Enrise support our community?

Open source brings a world of possibilities. Introducing those possibilities to our customers is our every day challenge. Knowing what’s hot, and what’s not is important to us. That’s why we visit PHP conferences, where next year’s knowledge is the key feature.

By supporting our engineers to visit and speak on conferences like PHPBenelux, we share and adept knowledge. Thus, creating new insights which in return helps us creating and expanding our clients’ online ambitions.

At this PHPBenelux we take care of you as developer. We are sponsor of the social fries bar, where you can order our Enrise Power Fries; the ultimate coding and scripting food for PHP developers. Enjoy your meal!

Learn more about what we do at Enrise? Take a look at enrise.com/jobs