Introducing Ibuildings

Ibuildings is a passionate group of PHP specialists creating Enterprise Web Technology, building HTML5/JS Mobile+Web Apps & Solid Internet Architectures.

How Ibuildings leverages PHP

Ibuildings is the leading partner in the Benelux for all PHP related projects, after more than 13 years we’ve built up the know-how to master any framework and we have the expertise to take on any challenge that the PHP-ecosystem has to offer. In our day-to-day jobs we often rely on community projects like Zend Framework, Symfony, and Drupal. Next to that we also go beyond PHP and we often use solutions like Solr, ExtJS, Sencha Touch and many more.

Why Ibuildings supports PHPBenelux

To give back to the community Ibuildings organizes the annual Dutch PHP Conference and Dutch Mobile Conference, and we also contribute to your daily coding tasks with projects like DB-Patch and supporting Protalk. And of course by sponsoring community-driven events such as the PHPBenelux Conference.
Ibuildings values the community through the 3 i’s:

Innovation: Thanks to the community a lot of frameworks and PHP as a language keeps innovating
Inspiration: Thanks to the community meetings and conferences we keep getting new inspiration to do new amazing things every day
Imagination: Thanks to the community we can dream of what we will build tomorrow