Introducing in2it

In2it is the leading PHP consulting firm in the Benelux offering services to international enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses, governmental institutes, educational and non-profit organisations. We’re market leader in regards consulting for PHP and Zend Framework application architectures, quality assurance on PHP projects and we provide training courses on-site and online through our partner php|architect.

The in2it benefit

Our customers are involved in the most challenging industries like automation, transportation, healthcare, finance, tech, non-profit and government where there’s no such thing as an easy task. But with our knowledge and passion for delivering the highest quality we have grown into the leading company offering professional PHP services.

We are driven to face difficult challenges and turn them into success stories for our customers while coaching and training their development teams to operate at higher levels so knowledge stays inside the organisation.

Involved with PHP community

Since it’s founding in2it vof has been heavily involved in supporting the PHP community by sponsoring user group events, provide assistance on infrastructures and supporting having co-founder and CEO Michelangelo van Dam talk at international conferences around the world.

By engaging the community we stay ahead of our game, learn what the future will bring and listen to desires of the community. By being close to the community we succeed in our work, delivering quality services to satisfied customers.

By being a sponsor to PHPBenelux Conference 2013 we hope to contribute back to the community that has given all the tools and knowledge we use to run our business. Thank you for coming here and we hope you enjoy the conference.