Introducing Ingewikkeld

Ingewikkeld is a PHP expert company. Every team member has expertise in several areas related to PHP, whether that is frameworks, documentation, community, architecture, project management, it all comes together with Ingewikkeld. Ingewikkeld is the Dutch word for “complex”, and that’s how the Ingewikkeld team likes their projects. Challenges are there to be solved, and Ingewikkeld will solve them.

How does Ingewikkeld leverage PHP?

Ingewikkeld strongly believes in the right tool for the job, and PHP is that tool for most of our jobs. Whether it is an API, a website or a complex application, PHP makes it easy for us to solve the challenges and deploy as soon as possible and as good as possible. Of course, we also rely on the tools built on top of PHP such as frameworks, QA tools and content management systems.

Why does Ingewikkeld support our community?

The community is what makes PHP thrive. Whether it is because of all the support you can get from the community, or the tools that the community builds, the stuff you can learn at conferences and user group meetings, the succes of PHP is in its community. And as PHP is succesful, so is Ingewikkeld. That’s why we support the community by sponsoring PHP conferences, but also by being active in the community ourselves. All Ingewikkeld developers only work for clients 32 hours a week, and are able to spend the rest of their time on open source and community projects.