Introducing Intracto

Intracto is a digital agency with a refreshing look on web technology. Through technical expertise we have built a steady base to grow as an all-round digital agency that excels in online strategy and e-commerce solutions as well. Today we work as a team of 36 web professionals with a clear focus on a user friendly internet experience.

How does Intracto leverage PHP?

There are two main reasons why we choose to work in PHP at Intracto. First of all the language lends itself perfectly to continuously updating and refining your websites. And secondly, the LAMP platform is widely available at an affordable cost. At Intracto we mainly focus on Drupal, Magento and Symfony2. But we don’t shy away from working in other codebases as well.

Why does Intracto support our community?

Our developers actively share and contribute in multiple online communities with common interests. As the only constant for a developer is change, communities take on a critical role in taking you to the next level as a PHP professional.

Intracto is very pleased to express its community support through the engagement in this sponsorship. We cheer the efforts of the PHPBenelux usergroup and hope to join many more high quality PHPBenelux conferences in the future.