King Foo

Introducing King Foo

King Foo is a team of mostly senior developers with years of PHP experience, focused on building web applications for customers ranging from startups to multinationals. We use Zend Framework, Symfony and a tool-set that allows us to keep guard of the quality of our code (you know, Jenkins and its tiny little friends). We think of ourselves as being buzzword compliant (TM).

We also recently started to organize our own professional PHP-related training sessions, unique in Belgium (check out for more info).

How does King Foo leverage PHP?

PHP is the prime technology we use in most of our projects and basically everything we do.  We specialize in building web apps using mature frameworks and state-of-the art approaches. We wander into more experimental grounds if necessary and even try to write a book or article once in a while to share what we know.

We are probably the company with the most Zend Certified Engineers under the roof (in Belgium at least), in case that means anything to you.  Most important however, we value developers that tend to look further than the PHP stack alone. This means thinking in terms of scaling and carefully evaluating impact of development decisions on the underlying infrastructure.

Why does King Foo support our community?

Supporting PHPBenelux and the 2013 edition of the conference is a natural choice. The conference gives PHP developers in the Benelux a great opportunity to network and learn from each other.  Who needs another reason?

Here it is: sponsoring is just our own modest attempt at giving back to the community.