Magma Digital


Introducing Magma Digital

Magma Digital are the best PHP web development agency in the North West of England and we can prove it! We not only initiate and complete your new projects but can employ our skills to adopting existing or failing projects.
We apply our skills, abilities and confidence to all our projects to create world-class web applications that will meet the needs of SMEs and Enterprise alike. No matter what troubles you’re having, we can help you solve them!

How does Magma Digital leverage PHP?

As a bespoke development agency, we use PHP in everything that we do from creating WordPress websites to mission critical systems that sit at the core of our Clients’ businesses. We choose to use PHP because of the community behind the language, it enables us to be flexible with and for our Clients.

Why does Magma Digital support our community?

We love supporting the communities we are involved in because we strongly believe in supporting and promoting best practice within our industry. Conferences like PHPBenelux and PHPNW, the UK local conference we founded in 2008, help PHP Developers to grow together through sharing their knowledge and passion with each other.

We are sponsoring the Hotel shuttle bus and are looking forward to seeing you at the Conference – come and say Hi!

Don’t forget we’re hiring! Take a look at our job opportunities