Introducing Nucleus

Nucleus is a Hosting Solution Builder.


Our core business is hosting. We host your web- and ICT infrastructure worry free and at the sharpest prices. Be it in the cloud, colocation or dedicated, we offer a solution to any of your hosting needs.


Our background lies in consultancy and that’s what we excel at, listening first and offering a custom built solution for your specific needs. We identify your needs and think alongside you in the process of delivering and maintaining your infrastructure. Where needed we offer our advice based on over 10 years of experience in the ICT business.


One size fits all is not our thing. Our system engineers offer custom and in-house built solutions for all your needs as each case is unique and requires us to think about your problem and specific needs. We offer only what we think is the best solution and implement it based on your requirements and deadlines.

How does Nucleus leverage PHP?

Besides many other open source software packages we use PHP on a daily basis. We use it not just for our clients, but also for our in-house systems. We truly embrace and appreciate the strength and flexibility of PHP.

As a hosting company we actively promote PHP’s use, as the community around it is strong and the knowledge of it among our system engineers is unparalleled.

Why does Nucleus support our community?

Simply because the community has given us so much already. It’s about time we give something back. The easiest way to do so is by sponsoring community events and conferences. In the future we’ll also start actively taking part in the community wherever we can. We love open source and we love PHP!