Sponsoring PHPBenelux Conference 2013 for fame and fortune

PHPBenelux is a nonprofit organisation driven by developers for developers and their companies. For our conference we always try to keep the entrance fees as low as possible and make it the best experience possible for our visitors. In order to accomplish that, we heavily rely on the financial support of our lovely sponsors. It’s very exciting to see that companies believe in the community and that they know they will get return on their investment.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please use the contact form. All the information can be found in the sponsor document.

Our sponsors for 2013:

Windows Azure

Introducing Windows Azure Windows Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform. You can use Windows Azure to build, deploy and manage your cloud applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Windows Azure provides many options for hosting your cloud sites and applications. Deploy your applications to Azure WebSites for low cost, zero maintenance, easy scaling, and FTP or …

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Introducing Combell Since 1999, Combell is the absolute market leader in hosting services for companies, IT integrators and software developers and became the most reliable one-stop partner to host about any IT infrastructure, website or application. Besides the common standard services such as domain name registration, website hosting and e-mail, we also specialise in developing integrated solutions …

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Introducing Nucleus Nucleus is a Hosting Solution Builder. Hosting Our core business is hosting. We host your web- and ICT infrastructure worry free and at the sharpest prices. Be it in the cloud, colocation or dedicated, we offer a solution to any of your hosting needs. Solution Our background lies in consultancy and that’s what …

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King Foo

Introducing King Foo King Foo is a team of mostly senior developers with years of PHP experience, focused on building web applications for customers ranging from startups to multinationals. We use Zend Framework, Symfony and a tool-set that allows us to keep guard of the quality of our code (you know, Jenkins and its tiny little …

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Introducing in2it In2it is the leading PHP consulting firm in the Benelux offering services to international enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses, governmental institutes, educational and non-profit organisations. We’re market leader in regards consulting for PHP and Zend Framework application architectures, quality assurance on PHP projects and we provide training courses on-site and online through our …

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Introducing Ingewikkeld Ingewikkeld is a PHP expert company. Every team member has expertise in several areas related to PHP, whether that is frameworks, documentation, community, architecture, project management, it all comes together with Ingewikkeld. Ingewikkeld is the Dutch word for “complex”, and that’s how the Ingewikkeld team likes their projects. Challenges are there to be …

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Introducing Wijs Wijs is a different kind of digital agency. We develop digital strategies, build websites and attract the right visitors. Without the BS.

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Introducing Emakina Emakina is a group of Full Service Digitally-Native communication agencies, operating from across Europe. We are market leaders when it comes to web and mobile services. How does Emakina leverage PHP? A large number of our products “think” in PHP. These include websites, web services, and even Facebook applications. We find this open-source language …

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Introducing DX-Solutions DX-Solutions is the brainchild of Xavier Dekeyster (@ksafke), father of 3 and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in high-end online projects. During the years, DX-Solutions has grown from a single all-rounder to a team of passionate and professional web developers and consultants. DX-Solutions is mainly focussed on providing its services on …

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Introducing Ibuildings Ibuildings is a passionate group of PHP specialists creating Enterprise Web Technology, building HTML5/JS Mobile+Web Apps & Solid Internet Architectures. How Ibuildings leverages PHP Ibuildings is the leading partner in the Benelux for all PHP related projects, after more than 13 years we’ve built up the know-how to master any framework and we …

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Introducing Combell Since 1999, Combell is the absolute market leader in hosting services for companies, IT integrators and software developers and became the most reliable one-stop partner to host about any IT infrastructure, website or application. Besides the common standard services such as domain name registration, website hosting and e-mail, we also specialise in developing …

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Introducing Enrise Enrise; that’s us. We are an open source web technology company based in Amersfoort, centered in The Netherlands. Our PHP developers create web applications and technically complex websites for customers like Wegener (a large Dutch publishing company), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and used cars search engine Autotrack.nl. For these and many other companies …

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Introducing ServerGrove We are ServerGrove, The PHP Hosting Company. We don’t take that claim lightly. Apart from creating optimised environments for the thousands of PHP applications and websites we host, we also have a deep understanding of the PHP developers workflow. Our philosophy is simple: what is good for our clients and for the PHP …

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Introducing JetBrains JetBrains delivers intelligent software solutions that make developers more productive by simplifying the challenging tasks, automating the routine ones, and promoting best development practices. IntelliJ IDEA, our flagship Java IDE, provides high-class support for web development with many Java-based technologies. We also create PhpStorm for PHP, RubyMine for Rails, PyCharm for Python, AppCode …

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Introducing Intracto Intracto is a digital agency with a refreshing look on web technology. Through technical expertise we have built a steady base to grow as an all-round digital agency that excels in online strategy and e-commerce solutions as well. Today we work as a team of 36 web professionals with a clear focus on …

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Introducing Acquia Acquia helps organizations create great web experiences using Drupal. Co-founded by Drupal’s creator in 2007, Acquia provides customers with software, consultation, hosting, and services to help them launch sites faster and keep them running with more confidence. Its customers include Twitter, Al Jazeera, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, and NYSE Euronext. As your …

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Introducing GitHub GitHub is the best way to build software together. Whether it’s your company’s app, your favorite open source library, or a weekend side project, GitHub helps everyone work together better by providing tools for easier collaboration and code sharing. Catch up on what happened while you were out or ask for help on …

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Introducing DataFlow DataFlow is a full-service ICT company with its head office in Leuven and offices in Brussels, Ghent, Geel and Luxembourg. More than 600 consultants provide consultancy services to customers, manage high-tech projects and implement integrated solutions. DataFlow has been building a solid reputation since 1999; it operates in IT & telecommunications, industry, pharmaceuticals, the financial …

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Engine Yard

Introducing Engine Yard Engine Yard is the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS), empowering software application innovation more rapidly, easily and cost effectively. With deep technical expertise, powerful infrastructure orchestration, strong support of the open source community, and world-class service, Engine Yard provides a complete commercial grade solution that enables developers to focus on creating …

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Cu.be Solutions

Introducing Cu.be Solutions Cu.be Solutions is a Belgian open source consultancy company, focusing not just on PHP, but on providing companies complete solutions, from the initial business analysis to the post-deployment support. We implement both Internet and Intranet solutions for customers and leverage on all technologies in the PHP ecosystem : from Apache to Nginx, from Memcached to MongoDB. …

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Magma Digital

Introducing Magma Digital Magma Digital are the best PHP web development agency in the North West of England and we can prove it! We not only initiate and complete your new projects but can employ our skills to adopting existing or failing projects. We apply our skills, abilities and confidence to all our projects to …

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