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Sold out for the 2014 edition


With pride we have to announce that we’re now officially “sold out” for the PHPBenelux Conference 2014, our 5th anniversary.

For those who got hold on a ticket to the conference, congratulations and see you all next week! If you weren’t able to purchase a ticket we’re sorry, please make sure you purchase a ticket early next year.


We want YOU for the Unconference!

This year with the help of the kind people at Ibuildings we’ve added an extra track to the conference, and it’s a very special track: the Unconference. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept this is what it boils down to.

The unconference has no schedule, only empty timeslots. You as a visitor can sign up at the venue to take these slots. You won’t have to prepare a full 1 hour talk if you want to sign up, we’ll be accepting 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45+ minutes (1 hour maximum).

Sign me up!
If there’s anything you’re excited about or anything that you created and want to show off this is your chance. The people from the unconference will be walking around with a whiteboard. Just walk up to them, claim your slot, and you’re scheduled. Easy as that!

Last but not least, we’ll be giving away prizes to the best talks among 3 categories. The judges will look at various factors which may seem a little surprising. Of course, talk quality is important and will weigh in heavily for making a decision, but crowd response and speaker inexperience will earn you bonus points.

During the closing notes of the conference 3 Raspberry Pi’s will be given away to the best talks in each time-category.

The PHPBenelux Conference App

During the conference you can make use of this website, or you can download the app! The app will provide you with the latest news and updated schedule for the conference. Even if the WiFi is not working you’ll always have all the information you need in your pocket!

The app will be available in the Android Play Store in the next couple of hours. All iOS users will need to wait a while longer as the app is still in review at Apple.

Be sure to check your Google Play or the App Store and download the app before setting off to the conference.

The app is available as an open source project at https://github.com/PHPBenelux/titanium-conference-app if you’d like to contribute to it to improve it please do so before friday January 17. If we get any useful pull requests we will merge them and submit a release 1.1 that day.

Happy 2014

Happy 2014 PHPBenelux

We at PHPBenelux want to wish everyone a very happy and joyful 2014. This year has been awesome for us and we weren’t able to accomplish our goals without you.

With our upcoming conference around the corner, we’re hard at work to organise the event and make it an awesome anniversary edition. You don’t want to miss our 5th PHPBenelux Conference!

Get tickets

Have a happy, safe and wonderful New Year and we’re looking forward seeing you all in 2014.


The PHPBenelux Team

Discount tickets almost all sold out

Our discount tickets are going really well, and this could lead to some of the tickets become marked “sold out”. Don’t worry, this means that we’re only sold out for the “early bird” discounts and will become again available at normal ticket prices after December 6.

If you still want to enjoy discounted prices, you can still choose to select another ticket. But remember, once our “early bird” period is over you can’t change your discount ticket for a regular ticket. Of course you can still cancel your purchase and ask for a refund (up to 14 days after your purchase).

Workshops and early bird ticket sales announced

There it is !

Our CFP team has processed all submissions and made an impressive selection of top notch talks. Thanks to all submitters for their awesome contributions and due to the high quality of the submissions, it was a difficult task to compose the schedule. All submitters will be contacted soon, but meanwhile we can already announce our workshops:

  • Design Patterns Workshop (by Brandon Savage)
  • Continuous integration in PHP (by Keith Casey)
  • Model Storming Workshop (by Mathias Verraes)
  • Testing with Codeception (by Jeremy Coates)
  • Code review for security (by Anthony Ferrara)
  • Getting started with content management in Symfony2 (by David Buchmann)
  • Working with PHPStorm (by Maarten Balliauw)
  • Creating PHP extensions (by Julien Pauli)

Based on these workshops and the talks still to be announced, we can assure you that #phpbnl14 will have a great lineup. During the next weeks, we will gradually announce and publish all talks/speakers.

With the workshops already released, we can proudly announce the start of the PHPBNL14 ticket sales. Tickets can be ordered online at http://shop.phpbenelux.eu
Starting now, you can order tickets at early bird rates. We have 2 types of tickets available:

  • Early bird conference + tutorial tickets, available for 260 euro (excl VAT).
  • Early bird conference tickets, available for 135 euro (excl VAT).

The invoices for the ordered tickets will be sent last week of 2013.
More information about ticket sales can be found on our ticket page. Enjoy the early bird discount and stay tuned for more amazing announcements.

Call For Sponsors

The ingredients for a successful conference are quite simple: you need speakers, attendees and a decent budget.

The Call For Papers has been sent out and is already closed. Getting the attendees is based on the selected talks and the marketing efforts from our end. But the budget is less straightforward: community conferences like PHPBenelux cannot cover the full budget based on ticket sales. We like to keep tickets affordable and rely on sponsors.

That’s why we would like to send out an official Call For Sponsors.

If you’re a company that is involved with PHP or if you just support our initiative, get in touch with us. Your investment will make our conference better and it will make our community better. We like our sponsors, we respect our sponsors and we consider a sponsor deal to be a partnership, rather than a charity.

We’re very proud to have a loyal sponsor base and some sponsors have already committed to our 2014 edition, but there’s plenty of sponsor slots still available. We’re not just about “logo on site” sponsoring, but we care about your needs and will use our resources to accommodate those needs.

Please download our sponsor document if you’re interested. You can always contact us via sponsoring@phpbenelux.eu

Call for proposals closed


First of all we like to thank each and every one who has sent in a proposal for the upcoming 5th edition of the PHPBenelux Conference. We’ve been monitoring and scanning all incoming calls during the process and we’ve seen a lot of awesome proposals which already makes it exciting to organise the upcoming edition.

In numbers:

  • You’ve sent in 333 submissions.
  • There are 41 tutorials submitted.
  • 292 talks have been sent in.

As you can see our CFP commission will have a heavy task to make the right decisions. As much as we’d like to put everyone on the schedule we only have that many slots available. We’re going to work hard to make the right decisions to create a diverse schedule which is appealing to every PHP developer of any level.
Everyone who has sent in a proposal will get notified by e-mail wether they’ve been accepted or not.

What else is happening in the meantime? We’re looking for sponsors, more info is available on this page. We’re working to get the ticket sales online, keep an eye out on this website, or follow the @phpbenelux account on Twitter.
Want your PHP fix earlier than that? Come visit us on one of the user group meetings which you can easily find via Meetup.com.

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