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And the live reporter is…

30 Jan 2010

Today’s Live Reporter and winner of the Netbook donated by Nocus is: Stijn Janssen!

Stijn’s tweet read:

Because it would be great to help making the conference a success and to do something back to those who made all this possible!

We loved Stijn’s tweet for his drive to make the conference a success, and his willingness to do something for the community. We feel that what we try to do with a conference like this should benefit the community, and the fact that Stijn also wanted to support those members of the community that were not able to make it to Antwerp or were not able to get a ticket won him the netbook and the title of “Live Reporter”.

You can follow all Stijn’s reports on the conference at the special live reporting page: Live.

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Delegates: Win tickets for the PHPBenelux Conference 2011!

Any delegate of the PHPBenelux Conference 2010 now has the opportunity to already secure their attendance for the 2011 edition of the conference. Because we are giving away some prizes for those who make pictures and those who offer the best feedback! So pay attention now, here’s your chance to win a ticket or one of the other prizes.

We have two sets of prizes. Each set of prizes contains the following:
First prize: Ticket to PHPBenelux Conference 2011 + medium-sized PHPWomen calendar signed by Lorna Mitchell
Second prize: Large-sized PHPWomen calendar signed by Lorna Mitchell
Third prize: Small-sized PHPWomen calendar signed by Lorna Mitchell

Here’s the two ways you can win the ticket:

Make a picture
In this contest, the people who can capture the whole PHPBenelux Conference 2010 the best way in a single picture will win one of the prizes. The winning pictures will be taken from all pictures uploaded to Flickr with the “phpbnl10″ tag.

Give feedback
To win one of prizes from the second set, all you need to do is leave feedback in for our event. The best, most insightful, funniest, most serious, most interesting comments posted on the talks or the conference in general will have a chance of winning one of the prizes from the second set.

Obviously, if you win a prize from one of the sets, you are not eligible anymore for a prize in the other set. Prize winners are determined democratically by the PHPBenelux Crew, and winners will be contacted to get their prize, as well as announced on the PHPBenelux website.

So, get those cameras out and/or start offering good feedback on, and with a bit of luck and skill, you’ll be back in Antwerp next year for the new conference!

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We have a live reporter!

We have our live reporter, but his/her identity will be unveiled just before the opening keynote tomorrow.

The brand new netbook (generously donated by Nocus) will be used by this person to report live from the conference and provide real time updates for those who are unable to make it.

Do you fancy your chances? Keep your fingers crossed and pay attention, it could be you!

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Report Live From The Conference!

27 Jan 2010

We have a surprise for our delegates: In collaboration with Nocus we have set up a special Live Reporting system for those that were unable to grab a ticket for the conference, to be able to get a good idea of how the conference is and what information the delegates are getting from it, in the hopes that those that do not attend can also get this information. And one of our delegates will be able to take the role of journalist at our conference to do a live report!

We expect the winner to report live from the conference. For this, we have a special section on this website where you can post reports of the conference, the sessions and more! Want to interview one of our speakers? Try that! Want to interview one of the sponsors? Great idea!

But what’s in it for you? Nocus is providing you with a special reporting kit, which includes a netbook. After the conference, you can keep the contents of the reporting kit! So you’ll get a netbook for being the live reporter!

How to apply? Simple check our live reporting page and read the instructions.

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Speaker: Eric Ritchie

26 Jan 2010

Representing one of our main sponsors, Zend, we added Eric Ritchie to the schedule. But don’t be afraid for boring sponsor-talk, because Eric is consultant and trainer for Zend and will be giving us a highly technical talk about generating PDFs using Zend Framework and the JavaBridge. From concept to implementation, he will fill a 30 minute slot jampacked with awesome technologies.

We were able to interview Eric about his talk at the conference. You can download the interview
here or listen to it using the below widget.

Eric is on the schedule at 5:15PM, right before the closing keynote.

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Introducing you to the Ibuildings Conference Social

24 Jan 2010

There is less than one week left until the conference, and every single member of the crew is getting more and more excited about it. We’re really looking forward to the conference and seeing all of you there! But what is a conference without a social event?

The official conference social event is taking place right after the main conference, in the exhibition/lunch room of the conference. We are very grateful for Ibuildings to have stepped up to support us in organizing this conference, and especially also the social event! Thanks to them, everyone will be able to let off some steam when the conference is over. We’ll have two hours of free drinks and some snacks for everyone who feels like hanging out. Discuss the conference with fellow delegates, speakers, sponsors and organizers while drinking a nice Belgian beer. Relax a bit before you head out for dinner, or go home. Socialize, network, mingle. Talk to people, and thank our sponsors for their support :)

Of course, you are also very welcome to come to De Vagant on friday night, where there will be an informal pre-conference social. Nobody is covering the bar there, however, so you’ll have to pay for your own drinks. The reasons for coming there will be mostly the same though, and you’re definitely welcome to join us at De Vagant on friday to have some fun before diving into the conference on saturday morning.

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Speakers: Patrick Allaert and Davide Mendolia

17 Jan 2010

Tailing logfiles. A common way for people to check for errors. But this process is cumbersome. During the PHPBenelux Conference 2010, we are very happy to learn about an alternative to this practice, the open source projects APM and Pinba, which allow you to monitor your application in an easy way. Speakers Patrick Allaert and Davide Mendolia will go into these tools to make it easier to keep track of what is happening with your application.

Listen to an interview with Davide and co-presenter Patrick about their talk at PHPBenelux Conference 2010 below for streaming or by clicking this link to download the interview (hosted by

Patrick and Davide will be doing their presentation right before lunch at 12:30 in track 2, as you can see in the schedule.

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Announcing our premier sponsors: Zend and Data Flow

06 Jan 2010

Organizing a conference is not something you do every day. You also can not do it on your own. Especially a non-profit organization such as PHPBenelux can not fund such a conference on their own. We are very happy with the support of our many sponsors, big and small. You can see their logo’s here on the site, and click through to their website to have a look at their offerings.

Today, we are very happy to announce our premier sponsors. That’s right, our premier sponsor package is being covered by two companies. Their partnership in taking up the premier sponsoring of this event is not strange: Zend is The PHP Company, and Data Flow is one of the premier companies in Belgium for PHP (and other) consultancy and development services. We are very happy to have these two premier companies in the PHP world on board for our conference!

When you’re coming to the conference, make sure to talk to the people from these companies. There will be developers attending the conference and there will be a booth you can not miss where you can talk to representatives of Data Flow and Zend. Make sure that they feel welcome and let them know you appreciate their support for the conference. And of course, this does not just go for Zend and Data Flow, but also for the other companies supporting us by their sponsoring.

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Say what? Sold out?

23 Dec 2009

Amazing. That is probably the only word that can describe the situation we are currently in. Even before our early bird closed, the PHPBenelux Conference 2010 sold out! Something we definitely did not expect and did not even dare to hope for.

We do realize that even though it is amazing for us, this may come as a disappointment for PHP developers that have not yet registered for the conference. There is still a bit of hope: some tickets have been reserved but not yet paid for. Those that have not yet paid have already received a reminder mail, and if payment is not received soon, those tickets might become available yet.

Have you not yet registered for the conference and do you want to have a chance of getting your hands on one of these tickets that might become available again? Register
with this form to be put on the waiting list. This list is a first-come first-serve list, so the sooner you register the bigger the chance to get one of those last tickets.

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Speaker: Kore Nordmann

16 Dec 2009

Most PHP developers are very used to working with relational databases such as MySQL, but have you looked at the new document-based databases yet? We are very happy to announce Kore Nordmann, developer of (amongst other things) PHPillow and Arbit, will come to Antwerp to tell us about CouchDB and how to use it with PHP.

We were able to pull Kore away from working on his open source projects as well as a server with a crashed hard-disk for a short talk on his presentation. You can listen to the interview by
downloading the mp3 here or by using the widget below.

Kore is scheduled right after lunch at 14:45 in the second track, as you can see on the schedule.

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