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Speaker replacement

29 Jan 2011

Unfortunately Jeroen Keppens has just cancelled his talk this afternoon due to illness. We have found a replacement, however. In track 3 (Permeke 1) at 14:50, Thijs Feryn will be presenting his talk “PHP Through The Eyes Of A Hoster”. Thanks Thijs, for filling in. And of course: Jeroen, get well soon!

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New speaker

14 Jan 2011

Unfortunately we have to announce that one of our speakers, Markus Franz, has had to cancel his appearance at our conference. Markus was supposed to be talking about Doctrine, but due to circumstances beyond his and our control, he can not make it to the conference. We definitely hope to welcome him to our conference in one of the coming years.

Luckily though, we have been able to find an excellent replacement for Markus. Joshua Thijssen is willing to step in an do a talk. His talk is on a completely different subject though: Sed and Awk. These two linux tools can make the life of a developer a lot easier and Joshua will show you how! Check out the change in the schedule

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Schedule updated: 4 new talks added, additional tutorial seats available

10 Jan 2011

We are happy to announce no less than 4 new talks to the already packed schedule:

Please note that some other talks are re-arranged in order to optimise the overall balance.

Also, after many requests: a few more tutorial seats are available, get them while you can!

See you in Antwerp!

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Platinum sponsors: Microsoft and Ibuildings

03 Jan 2011

We are really proud to announce that Microsoft has chosen to be a platinum sponsor for the PHPBenelux Conference 2011. Microsoft has been a great support throughout the existence of PHPBenelux and having them aboard as the most important sponsor of the conference this year is very much appreciated.

In the past couple of years, Microsoft has been steadily improving the support for PHP on Windows and have been actively participating with the PHP community to make sure that PHP developers can work with and deploy to Windows as good as they have been able to do with other platforms. Microsoft is also ensuring PHP a first class citizen on their new Windows Azure (cloud) Platform since version 1. This hasn’t gone unnoticed in the PHP world and we are very happy to be working with Microsoft on the conference as well as several other initiatives, one of which will be announced at the conference!

Joining Microsoft in the platinum sponsor slot is Ibuildings. Just like Microsoft, Ibuildings hardly needs introduction in the PHP community. Ibuildings has been a key player in the PHP development, training and consultancy market for years on end and have been supporting the PHP community for years. It isn’t a surprise that several of the PHPBenelux crew either work for or have worked for Ibuildings throughout the time! It is great to have Ibuildings aboard for the conference.

Throughout the conference, these and most of our other sponsors will be present in one way or another, either through a talk or with a booth. Be sure to talk to them if you’re interested in what they have to say.

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Last day for the Early Bird!

15 Dec 2010

After having extended the Early Bird period, today is really and truely the last day of the Early Bird period. So if you’re still interested in getting your tickets at the special discounted rate, then buy them today! We don’t expect the tickets to sell out during early bird like we did last year, we expanded enough in capacity to expect not to sell out very soon, but if you’re interested in attending one of our tutorials, then you do have to be quick as seats are limited for those. There is only one seat left in the Quality Assurance tutorial, only 4 left for the Solr tutorial. For the MySQL and Tuning tutorials, at this point there’s still some seats available as they were announced later. Still, strange things can happen so if you’re planning to attend a tutorial it would be smart to buy your ticket soon!

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Stephan Hochdoerfer

13 Dec 2010

Today we are interviewing Stephan Hochdoerfer, co-founder of bitExpert AG. He specializes is generative programming techniques in PHP. Stephan will be speaking about testing untestable code and building multi-tenant application.

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Tobias Schlitt

08 Dec 2010

Just like last year we will introduce the speakers of the PHPBenelux Conference by doing a short interview with them. Over the past weeks we have already done several interviews and in the coming period, you will be able to read about and hear from our speakers here.

The first speaker is Tobias Schlitt, co-founder of Qafoo, a consultancy company from Germany with a focus on quality assurance. He will be speaking about Zeta Components, the component framework formerly known as eZ Components that has now joined the Apache project.

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Conference schedule now online

20 Nov 2010

The long awaited schedule for the PHPBenelux Conference 2011 is now online. The main reason for the delay is that there were so many good submissions, that we tried everything we could to add another track to the schedule. And we succeeded! So instead of the expected 2 tracks, there’s an extra bonus track for you to enjoy! We couldn’t pack more great content into two days, even if we wanted to.

Early Bird extension

As a result of this delay there isn’t much time left for Early Birds, and we understand that you didn’t want to pay for the tutorial ticket without knowing what the tutorials are. Therefor, we have decided to extend the Early Bird with 2 full weeks until December 15th, 2010, so you have two more weeks to kick your employer into gear to get you to this event you can’t miss if PHP comes anywhere close near your job description.

So, check out the conference schedule, and start packing your bags for Antwerp!

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Speakers and ticket sales

11 Oct 2010

It is with great pride that we introduce to you the initial list of speakers and sessions for the 2011 edition of the PHPBenelux Conference. Our CfP group had to go through 110 excellent proposals to select the talks that we now publish. And the list isn’t complete yet! More speakers and sessions will be added soon. You can see the speakers here.

With the schedule, we have also opened up the ticket sales. Tickets are now available in our special conference store. For those who want to get their tickets early: We have an early bird. Until November 30 2010, you can get a ticket for this year’s conference for only 125 euro! After that date, the ticket will be 150 euro.

As you may have heard, we will also have half-day tutorials on Friday January 28th. We will soon announce the topics and speakers for those. Conference+Tutorial tickets are already for sale and will also have an early bird price (250 euro) and after the early bird, have a full price (300 euro). If you want to await the confirmation of the tutorial topics, then that is fine, you can already buy your main conference ticket now. An “upgrade” option is available so you can always upgrade your conference ticket to a conference+tutorial ticket at a later date. Attending only the tutorial and not the conference is not possible, you have to be in possession of a conference ticket to buy a tutorial ticket.

We hope to see you in Antwerp!

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PHPBenelux Conference 2011 announced!

05 Jun 2010

The PHPBenelux Conference 2011 has been announced! Soon you will find the new site here, for now, you can submit your proposals for the conference on the PHPBenelux website. We hope to see you in Antwerp on January 28 and 29!

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