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Schedule 2011

Friday January 28th

First day of conference is divided in 2 parts. The 1st part is the tutorial morning followed by a lunch. The 2nd part is the conference in the afternoon. Please note that the timings indicated below are not final yet and may be subject to change.

The language used for all the talks and tutorials is English.

Friday morning: tutorials

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
08h30-09h00 Registration and welcome coffee/tea
09h00-12h30 Workshop
Caching and tuning fun for high scalability
by Wim Godden
Real world Quality
Assurance, unit testing,
code review
by Tobias Schlitt
Kore Nordmann
Developing search
applications with
Apache Solr & PHP
by Paul Borgermans
MySQL performance
by Geert Vanderkelen
12h30-13h00 Lunch for workshop attendees (end of tutorials)

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Friday afternoon: conference

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
12h00-13h00 Registration & welcome for conference attendees
13h00-14h00 Opening Keynote: 27 Ways To Be A Better Developer
Ivo Jansch and Lorna Mitchell
14h10-15h10 Geolocation & Maps in PHP
(Derick Rethans)
Stress-free deployment (Rob Allen) Testing
untestable code

(Stephan Hochdörfer)
15h10-15h40 Break
15h40-16h40 Making Software Management Tools Work For You
(John Mertic)
Technical Debt
(Elizabeth Naramore)
Why Service Oriented Architecture Is A Good Thing
(Jan Willem Eshuis)
16h50-17h50 PHP in a mobile ecosystem
(Ivo Jansch)
Designing HTTP
Interfaces and RESTful Web Services

(David Zülke)
Simplify the access to the cloud computing services with Zend_Cloud (Jan Burkl)
18h00-18h50 Seeing PHP through a blue azure sky
(Michelangelo van Dam, Maarten Balliauw, Katrien De Graeve)
18h50-20h00 Snacks/sandwiches/drinks
20h00-23h00 Conference social: bowling in the venue!

Saturday January 29th

Second day of conference. Please note that the timings indicated below are not final yet.

The language for the talks is English.

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
08h30-09h00 Registration and welcome coffee/tea
09h00-10h00 Benchmarking Applications and Frameworks
(Paul Jones)
Scrum in the wild
(Mike Van Riel)
namespaces in PHP

(Nick Belhomme)
10h10-11h10 HipHop For PHP
(Scott McVicar)
Charsets & Encoding
(Kore Nordmann)
Harness the power of the sed and awk
(Joshua Thijssen)
11h10-11h40 Break
11h40-12h40 Zend framework 2.0: What’s New And What’s Changed?
(Rob Allen)
XML versus the New Kids On The Block
(David Zülke)
Improving Code Quality with Continuous Integration (Martin de Keijzer)
12h40-13h40 LUNCH
13h40-14h40 Varnish, the high
performance valhalla?

(Jeroen Van Dijk)
Advanced CouchDB
(Sander van de Graaf)
Zeta components (Tobias Schlitt)
14h50-15h50 Project Triage & Recovery
(Keith Casey)
How to build customizable multitenant web applications
(Stephan Hochdörfer)
PHP through the eyes of a hoster
(Thijs Feryn)
15h50-16h10 Break
16h40-17h40 Closing keynote: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Open Source Communities (Elizabeth Naramore)
17h40 & onwards Raffles, stay to get a chance to win goodies and prizes
Closing remarks

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