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Enjoy the PHPBenelux 2012 after-movie

29 Jan 2012

Just a small post this time, many people asked for the PHPBenelux 2012 after movie. It is up at Youtube right now:


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Thorsten Rinne replaced by Mathias Bynens for HTML5 workshop

24 Jan 2012

We regret to inform you that Thorsten Rinne won’t make it to our conference later this week. He suffered a fractured hand last week and was forced to cancel.

This left us with an important workshop slot to fill, namely the HTML5 workshop. Luckily Mathias Bynens has agreed to replace him. We are very grateful that Mathias could confirm on such short notice. We wish him the best of luck and we’re confident that he’ll do a kick-ass job presenting an HTML5 workshop at PHPBenelux Conference 2012.

A special thanks to Mathias and a prompt recovery to Thorsten.

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The PHPBenelux-app, your helping friend during the conference

04 Jan 2012

For your convenience we’re presenting our app for this year’s conference. So get out those smartphones and point your browser to

The app features the complete schedule and will be kept up to date.  If you cannot find your way to the venue, just grab the app, and Google will provide you with directions to get you there safe and sound.

And last but not least, keep yourself up to date with the latest buzz, when you open the app all the latest #phpbnl12 and @phpbenelux tweets will be loaded on the homescreen.

The app still has some minor updates in the pipeline, but the great thing about being web-based (besides the fact that it is all known technology for web developers) is that you don’t need to care about that, your app will be updated when it’s booted.

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Announcing the PHPBenelux Conference 2012 closing party: Orchestra winter BBQ at The Clubhouse

22 Dec 2011

Christmas is coming up and we have some lovely announcements in the spirit of the season. The ever so awesome people at Orchestra have decided to sponsor the official PHPBenelux Conference 2012 closing party. The “Orchestra winter BBQ at The Clubhouse” as we call it, will be a true winter party. And that’s right, they have their own clubhouse which is located on the conference venue grounds.

We’ll have an outdoor barbecue and some hot drinks such as glühwein, Belgian jenever and hot chocolate. Inside the clubhouse there will be an open bar and outside you’ll have the opportunity to play some pétanque. Don’t worry, we’ll have some heaters to keep you nice and warm.

We would explicitly like to thank the people at Engine Yard and Orchestra for this lovely community contribution. This is a party that will not go by unnoticed.

On behalf of Engine Yard, Orchestra and PHPBenelux, we hope you enjoy the Christmas holidays and we would love to invite you to this thrilling closing event.

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Microsoft Hackathon

20 Dec 2011

You’ve heard about the cloud, right? But what benefits does it have for you as a developer? Come and join us for a FREE hackathon on Windows Azure during the PHPBenelux Conference 2012 Tutorial sessions and discover for yourself how Windows Azure can change the way you develop applications faster and better than ever.

Check out the amazing tools of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP and see for yourself that launching scalable, reliable and super fast applications is nothing more than deploying them on any other kind of system, except you don’t have to manage the platform your apps are running on.

And what about test driving your apps on the new improved Microsoft IIS7 server? Now’s your chance to see how fast and reliable this server has become. And if you’re still doubting the performance of this Microsoft web server, why not come over and do some benchmark testing to see how fast IIS can be.

Another reason to go to this sessions is that this hackathon will be moderated by Craig Kitterman and Katrien De Graeve of Microsoft, Azure MVP Maarten Balliauw and PHPBenelux frontman Michelangelo van Dam. They’re there to answer your questions, remarks and suggestions. Heck, we might even hack in changes right there on the spot!

So if you’re attending the PHPBenelux Conference 2012, but not joining the tutorial tracks, hop on in the Microsoft Hackathon sessions and discover a new brave world. Did I mention it’s all FREE?!? You get a FREE Azure Account (no credit card required), we provide virtual machine images (VMWare, VirtualBox or Virtual PC) to run your Windows Azure SDK for PHP on and a bunch of other tools. And if you attend, we make sure that catering and lunch are included!!! Why wait? Discover first hand how it feels like to have your apps running above the cloud in an Azure Sky and sign up now!!!

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Regular ticket sales has started

17 Dec 2011

After a very successful early bird campaign that ended yesterday, we can now announce that regular ticket sales has started.

A total of 80 extra tickets has been made available and we’re currently applying 2 rates:

  • Conference + tutorial: 300 euro (VAT excluded)
  • Conference only: 160 euro (VAT excluded)

Order your ticktets at and be part of this lovely conference. For Conference + tutorial tickets we advise you to be quick, because there is limited capacity.

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Early bird ticket sales has ended

Early bird ticket sales for the PHPBenelux Conference 2012 has now officially ended. Nearly all our assigned early bird tickets have sold out.

We like to thank those people who have benefited from these discounted rates and we’re happy to welcome them in Antwerpen for the conference. For all those who have missed out on early bird: we will open our non-discounted ticket sales ASAP. We expect to start selling them on Saturday December 17th.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for

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Friday night social announced

11 Dec 2011

Community conferences are more than just a bunch of sessions. A conference is also a social gathering. We understand and respect that, but so do our sponsors. We are very proud and happy to announce that Ibuildings will be sponsoring food & drinks at the Social on Friday.

Enrise will be sponsoring the bowling alley and Microsoft will take care of the Xbox Kinect booth.

Thanks to all sponsors for making sure we have a great party. More information is available on the Social page.

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Speaker line-up announced

27 Nov 2011

We are happy and proud to announce the speaker line-up for the 2012 edition of the PHPBenelux Conference. We already released our tutorials on November 16th, but this is the real deal.

Speaker bio’s, talk abstracts and schedule will be added later. Please note that this list is subject to change.


  • Matthew Weier O’Phinney: Zend Framework 2
  • Ivo Jansch: Mobile for PHP Developers
  • Thorsten Rinne: HTML5 for PHP Developers
  • Fabien Potencier: Symfony 2


  • Ian Barber: How To Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants
  • David Coallier: Taking it to the next level

Regular talks

  • Fabien Potencier: Micro-frameworks: Why should you care?
  • Kore Nordmann: HTTP is your architecture & Modular application architecture
  • Tobias Schlitt: Writing testable code
  • Derick Rethans: PHP and MongoDB
  • Marcel van Brakel: The lust for knowledge and experience
  • David Zülke: Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP
  • Sijmen Ruwhof: Security audits as an integral part of PHP application development
  • Rowan Merewood: Estimation or, “How to Dig your own Grave”
  • Jeroen Keppens: PHP in the Dark
  • Sebastian Marek: Magic Behind the Numbers – Software Metrics In Practice
  • Lukas Kawhe Smith: PHP Content Repository Specification
  • Patrick Allaert: Masterizing PHP Data Structure 102
  • Nick Belhomme: PHP traits, treat or threat?
  • Igor Wiedler: Adding real-time to your apps with WebSockets
  • Helgi Thorbjoernsson: PHAR, the PHP .exe format
  • Jordi Boggiano: Redis – Your advanced in-memory key-value store
  • Jeremy Coates: An introduction to Phing the PHP build system
  • Juozas Kaziukėnas: Doctrine 2: An Introduction
  • Stephan Hochdörfer: The state of DI in PHP
  • Tom Van Herreweghe:  Client-side Javascript Unit Testing
  • John Mertic: Making software management tools work for you
  • Craig Kitterman: Enterprise Class Cloud for the Average Joe


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Workshops & early bird ticket sales announced

16 Nov 2011

There it is !

Our CFP team has processed all submissions and made an impressive selection of top notch talks. Thanks to all submitters for their awesome contributions and due to the high quality of the submissions, it was a difficult task to compose the schedule. All submitters will be contacted soon, but meanwhile we can already announce our workshops:

  • Zend Framework 2 (by Matthew Weier O’Phinney)
  • Mobile for PHP developers (by Ivo Jansch)
  • Symfony2 (by Fabien Potencier)
  • HTML5 for PHP developers (by Thorsten Rinne)

Based on these workshops and the talks still to be announced, we can assure you that PHPBNL12 will have the best lineup so far. During the next 2 weeks, we will gradually announce and publish all talks/speakers.

With the workshops already released, we can proudly announce the start of the PHPBNL12 ticket sales. Tickets can be ordered online at . We would like to thank the guys at for providing the ticket portal and carrying a percentage of the transaction fees. They have done a great job and being PHP developers themselves, they understand what community is all about.

Starting now, you can order tickets at early bird rates. We have 2 types of tickets available:

  • Early bird conference + tutorial tickets, available for 260 euro.
  • Early bird conference tickets, available for 135 euro.

More information about ticket sales can be found on our ticket page. Enjoy the early bird discount and stay tuned for more amazing announcements.

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