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Microsoft Hackathon

20 Dec 2011

You’ve heard about the cloud, right? But what benefits does it have for you as a developer? Come and join us for a FREE hackathon on Windows Azure during the PHPBenelux Conference 2012 Tutorial sessions and discover for yourself how Windows Azure can change the way you develop applications faster and better than ever.

Check out the amazing tools of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP and see for yourself that launching scalable, reliable and super fast applications is nothing more than deploying them on any other kind of system, except you don’t have to manage the platform your apps are running on.

And what about test driving your apps on the new improved Microsoft IIS7 server? Now’s your chance to see how fast and reliable this server has become. And if you’re still doubting the performance of this Microsoft web server, why not come over and do some benchmark testing to see how fast IIS can be.

Another reason to go to this sessions is that this hackathon will be moderated by Craig Kitterman and Katrien De Graeve of Microsoft, Azure MVP Maarten Balliauw and PHPBenelux frontman Michelangelo van Dam. They’re there to answer your questions, remarks and suggestions. Heck, we might even hack in changes right there on the spot!

So if you’re attending the PHPBenelux Conference 2012, but not joining the tutorial tracks, hop on in the Microsoft Hackathon sessions and discover a new brave world. Did I mention it’s all FREE?!? You get a FREE Azure Account (no credit card required), we provide virtual machine images (VMWare, VirtualBox or Virtual PC) to run your Windows Azure SDK for PHP on and a bunch of other tools. And if you attend, we make sure that catering and lunch are included!!! Why wait? Discover first hand how it feels like to have your apps running above the cloud in an Azure Sky and sign up now!!!

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