Silver + travel expenses

About 10gen

10gen develops and provides commercial support and training for MongoDB, the world’s most popular open source, document-oriented database. MongoDB is the leading NoSQL data store, bridging the gap between key-value stores and traditional relational database management systems, and providing both agility and scalability to developers. Thousands of leading Web 2.0 companies as well as major FT500 enterprises have adopted MongoDB.

To learn more visit www.mongodb.org or check out one of our upcoming community user groups or MongoDB Days.

Why PHPBenelux likes 10gen

MongoDB is a very popular NoSQL database system. In the open source world MongDB is very top-of-mind. As a company, offering commercial solutions for an open source project is an art. And 10gen clearly masters that art. Over the years, we’ve met a number of people who were involved with MongoDB and they all seemed to be very knowledgeable and nice people.

Playing nice is important when dealing with communities. 10gen gets that message and is willing to support our community and our conference. They invested in the silver package, but they’re also paying Derick Rethans’ hotel and travel expenses. Derick will be doing a MongoDB talk at the conference.

Thank you 10gen for being so awesome !