About Combell

Combell is Belgium’s number one hosting company, offering an extensive range of top-quality hosting products. Combell is also a major player in the Benelux enterprise solution market. Any technology company that wants to remain relevant, constantly needs to invest in knowledge. What better way than to reach out to the PHP community to acquire some of those skills.

To Combell, the community isn’t only a source of knowledge, but also an interesting ecosystem that needs to be supported. They do that by sponsoring this conference, by offering free webhosting for the PHPBenelux websites, but also by providing a venue and catering for user group meetings. Thijs Feryn, Combell’s evangelist and board member at PHPBenelux is their community liaison. He attends a lot of PHP conferences, spots trends, does talks and helps out whenever possible.

Why PHPBenelux likes Combell

Combell has been there for us since the very beginning. That is not a huge surprise, because Thijs is part of Combell and part of PHPBenelux. It’s an easy match. It’s always nice to have user group meetings at Combell, knowing you’ll have a full house. Third PHPBenelux conference, third time Combell is sponsoring. We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Combell.

Thank you Combell for being so awesome !