About Easytobook.com

Easytobook.com is a rapidly expanding Online Travel Agent that maintains long established collaborations with major partners in the travel and tourism industry. Primarily offering hotel room bookings worldwide at privileged rates, Easytobook.com was recently drawn under the banner of Travix (a BCD company). Customers can soon use Easytobook.com to not only book hotel rooms, but to also purchase full holiday packages.
Our aim is to offer the lowest prices, while staying innovative, competitive and strongly oriented to the satisfaction of our customers. From a basic platform in 2004, we have developed in leaps and bounds to produce unique features such as our impressive search, filter and compare tool.

Our team comprises a pioneering and international collection of technical ninjas, customer service specialists and marketing gurus. We eat, breath and sleep travel. Together with our dedication towards delivering an unmatchable service, we are fast becoming the premier choice for hotel and holiday booking.

We feed our research & development team on bread and PHP. Having to steer such an enormous vehicle as the easytobook.com platform through economic crises, rapid expansion and repeated integration has pushed the limits of our tenacity and creativity. We’re proud with what we have achieved in terms of solutions and innovative development and we continue to strive to improve our product every single day.

Our developers have regularly attended past editions of PHP Benelux and have found it fascinating and inspirational. Conferences like PHPBenelux give us the opportunity to share and expand our knowledge and ideas. That’s why Easytobook.com is so enthusiastic to be a sponsor that will help make the PHPBenelux conference possible!

Why PHPBenelux likes Easytobook.com

It’s great to have sponsors who approach you and not the other way around. Easytobook.com is that kind of company. It was clear that they wanted to help us and the visibility that comes with the sponsoring package seemed to come in second place. True community investment !

Thank you Easytobook.com for being so awesome !