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About in2it vof

In2it vof is the leading PHP consulting business in Belgium and the Netherlands. Besides advising on PHP application design and architecture, we also provide training courses, implement quality assurance on your PHP projects and creative, graphical design services.

Open-source, PHP and community involvement are the building blocks of our company. And supporting a community event like PHPBenelux Conference is like our way of giving back to the community. The same community that has given us so much. And by supporting this event we also chip in to give all attendees the lowest ticket price possible and ensuring the conference is accessible for everyone, even if the company is not paying for the ticket.

We wish all attendees an awesome conference! The schedule looks great and from experience we know it will be the best start of a new PHP year.

Why PHPBenelux likes in2it vof

in2it vof is a true community focussed business, and include the open-source spirit in everything they do, the same way we want to offer our community members the best PHP has to offer.

No wonder that their CEO Michelangelo van Dam is president of PHPBenelux.

Thank you in2it vof for being so awesome !