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About Inventis

Inventis stands for custom made, high quality and creative websites, web-shops and internet-applications. With our in-house developed PHP framework and Content Management System we go to great lengths each and every day to deliver top-notch projects for small companies and large corporations alike. Among our portfolio you can find projects for Pukkelpop, Telenet, Belisol, VTM and JimTV. Each day we put our knowledge in SEO, mobile en social to use in all our projects. Over time we’ve created an expertise in these fields to render any project a success for our clients.

Our 18-large team contains a few people who regularly engage in the PHP community as volunteer or speakers at conferences and usergroup meetings. We also hosted several usergroup meeting for the PHPBenelux usergroup at our offices in Houthalen and will continue to do so in the future. We are proud to be able to help make the PHPBenelux conference an overwhelming success again this year!

Why PHPBenelux likes Inventis

Inventis is a solid partner of PHPBenelux and we have been working with them since the beginning. At Inventis you always get a personal approach. Managing partners Jan Raedschelders & Jente Kasprowski work hard to maintain that style. Inventis is also a very hospitable company: they have hosted a couple of our user group events and they’re always ready to help us out.

They appreciate the importance of community and don’t hesitate to invest. They were kind enough to design the new layout of our website and conference site. All of that free of charge.  We also like to thank some of the Inventis staff for all contributions: Chris Ramakers for being the go-to guy and Tom Claus and Stijn Janssen for being excellent community representatives. Tom and Stijn are also volunteers at our conference.

Did you know that the very first user group meeting under the PHPBenelux flag was organized at Inventis? Before that it was still PHPGG & PHPBelgium.

Thank you Inventis for being so awesome !