About Openminds

Openminds is a company that focuses on high-quality tailored B2B hosting. Openminds offers hosting packages for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Magento, Drupal, Django and many more. For bigger projects Openminds also provides a dedicated server, VDS and co-location.
Openminds already supports several web agencies, authorities, freelancers, SMEs and other diverse companies in their daily activities. We are a focal point for domain names, hosting, VDS services, dedicated server and cloud solutions.

We work together with you as people. We combine a personal approach with the necessary knowledge. We try to understand your business, to appreciate what is important about your project and involve all parties in finding a solution. Being a
B2B company, we perfectly understand how important it is to keep your site or your customer’s site online.

Why PHPBenelux likes Openminds

Openminds has been out there for a good number of years and they’re an established name in the hosting scene. They’re well known for their geek status and that of course matches our style. We are very grateful to have Openminds as a sponsor and we would like to thank Kristof, Frank & Bernard for their contribution as a silver sponsor.

Thank you Openminds for being so awesome !