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After movie & publications by attendees

A month has passed already since the PHPBenelux conference 2013 took place. It took some time… but now you can experience the conference again!

Official After Movie #phpbnl13 – PHPBenelux Conference 2013 from PHPBenelux on Vimeo.

Here’s a pick of the blogs and videos we’ve found on the web by other attendees:

In case your missing your blog, please do add them via the comments form!

Tutorial preparations

This is an important announcement for all the tutorial attendees, exluding the Windows Azure tutorial.

All attendees should have received an email stating which preparations one should make, to make the tutorial as effective as possible. Unfortunately we hear rumors that the mails are arriving in the spambox. We currently don’t have an idea why, but please check yours as well to do your preparations.