The early bird catches the worm

You’ve must have heard this expression a lot, “the early bird catches the worm”. But what does it mean in regards to conferences? Simple, you purchase a ticket early at discounted prices so you save on your expenses.

PHPBenelux has opened up the “early bird period” up until December 6, the moment that “Sinterklaas” has done dropping presents in every kid’s shoe and heads back home to Spain with his “Zwarte Pieten“.

This means that regular ticket prices will be applied and you will pay full fare for an entry to the conference with or without the tutorial sessions. So, make use of this “grace period” and get your tickets at reduced price.

We do have a limitation to the amount of early bird tickets, as we want to save up some tickets for those who need to wait for confirmation of their bosses, managers or spouses. Therefor it can be that you’ll see a sign “sold out” during the early bird, but this only means you missed out on available tickets for this reduced price setting. Starting December 6 you can purchase new tickets at regular prices.

If you see a sign “sold out” after December 6, it really means we’re sold out. This can be sold out for a specific tutorial or for the whole conference. As we only have limited tickets available, so if you know you want to participate in this event… buy your tickets now!

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