PHPBenelux is not only known for its quality content, we put a lot of effort in the social events as well. Conference socials aren’t just about handing out some free drinks at a bar. No, socials are the place where community “actually” happens. These events are as important as the sessions.

As community leaders we facilitate this process and allow people to meet, to exchange ideas and to maintain valuable contacts in the larger PHP scene. It’s about networking but not just about the business side of things. The key ingredients are a friendly atmosphere where people can have fun and be relaxed. Among their peers they just might find their next colleague, business partner or OSS project team mate.

We are very fortunate that others believe in this concept too and that companies are willing to sponsor our conference social and our afterparty. We are very grateful and as an attendee you should be too.

Conference social

Our first social event is the official PHPBenelux Conference Social. A well-known recipe we’ll continue to deliver and that remains unchanged

  • Free drinks brought to you by our loyal sponsor Ibuildings.
  • A night of bowling at our very own bowling alley. Our good friends at Combell were very keen on sponsoring this one.
  • The legendary Belgian fries sponsored by our buddies at Enrise. As Dutchmen they appreciate good fries and were convinced they should sponsor it.
  • Epic battles will be fought on the Xbox Kinnect. It goes without saying that Microsoft can easily deliver those. Thanks to them for their contribution
  • A very special beer tasting event featuring household names like Duvel and La Chouffe. Our friends at Engine Yard are all about quality and it came natural to them to sponsor quality beverages.

The conference social is taking place on Friday evening right after the final session.

After party

Just like last year we’re going to have an after party. This time we’re going for an indoor party due to the unpredictable weather. We did a minor tweak to the concept and this is what we came up with:

  • No party without drinks. Who else to sponsor this than our homies at GitHub.
  • Everyone likes a good barbecueDataFlow agrees with that and decided to sponsor an indoor winter barbecue. Omnomnom all the way.
  • As far as entertainment goes, we teamed up with Solutions who will sponsor an indoor mini golf course. Yes, mini golf! Can you believe it?

The after party is taking place on Saturday evening right after the final session.

Thanks to our generous sponsors who pay for an event that is steadily becoming renowned in the PHP scene. Who else has a bowling alley and a minigolf course at the conference venue?

We kindly ask you to register for these events. You will be asked to rsvp when buying your tickets online. If you forgot to register and you’re still planning to attend, send us an e-mail so we can add you to the list.