Call For Sponsors

The ingredients for a successful conference are quite simple: you need speakers, attendees and a decent budget.

The Call For Papers has been sent out and is already closed. Getting the attendees is based on the selected talks and the marketing efforts from our end. But the budget is less straightforward: community conferences like PHPBenelux cannot cover the full budget based on ticket sales. We like to keep tickets affordable and rely on sponsors.

That’s why we would like to send out an official Call For Sponsors.

If you’re a company that is involved with PHP or if you just support our initiative, get in touch with us. Your investment will make our conference better and it will make our community better. We like our sponsors, we respect our sponsors and we consider a sponsor deal to be a partnership, rather than a charity.

We’re very proud to have a loyal sponsor base and some sponsors have already committed to our 2014 edition, but there’s plenty of sponsor slots still available. We’re not just about “logo on site” sponsoring, but we care about your needs and will use our resources to accommodate those needs.

Please download our sponsor document if you’re interested. You can always contact us via