Thank you for a great conference

PHPBenelux Conference 2015 Registration

It’s over, it’s done. Last weekend was PHPBenelux Conference 2015 in Edegem, Belgium where we had 2 days of PHP goodness. People came from all over the world to our conference to listen to amazing and inspiring speakers, meet likeminded PHP-heads and inspire each other.

First off we would like to thank all of our speakers to have given their best sharing knowledge and wisdom with the audience. You did an awesome job and it was very exciting to see everyone at the conference being inspired and implementing your advises.

We also want to express our gratitude to our sponsors who helped us organizing a successful conference, unconference, epic social events, and last but not least bringing down the ticket price so we can keep the conference affordable for everyone.

The staff of Ter Elst has done a great job in supporting us setting up the rooms, preparing the drinks and meals and guaranteeing that the conference was a joyful experience for everyone. Thank you.

We also want to applaud our volunteers as they moved mountains during the conference. From registration, airport and train station runs to room management, each role was valuable and important. Thank you all.

And finally you, the audience. You came to learn, connect and share ideas while having a good time. We were truly amazed by the amount of positive tweets, facebook posts and hallway conversations we received during and after the conference. All this positive feedback is exactly why we love organizing such an event for you and because of your enormous support we’re already excited to get started with planning for #phpbnl16. We hope to see you there.

You can help us with this by leaving your feedback about the conference on our event page. If you like the talks and conference, thanks. If not, tell the speakers and us what we could do to get the 5-star rating from you next time.

Last but not least a special mention goes to crew member Jeroen van Dijk who will continue his community efforts outside of the PHP Benelux crew team. Thank you Jeroen!!

See you next year, and in the meantime, keep sharing!

The PHP Benelux Crew

The official PHPBenelux 2015 Conference app

Like last year we are again providing our app for your convenience. With your great feedback we’ve made many improvements which are worth checking out. We also just got word from Apple that it is ready to go to the Store.

If you’d like to download the app you can find it at:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Depending on your device you can download the appropriate app.
If you’re having trouble with the app you can also fall back to our website. If you prefer to set a bookmark on the schedule this is the link;

Our App is build with Appcelerator Titanium and available on our Github as an open source project. Any suggestions, bugs or pull requests can be made at

Appy Conferencing!

Announcing the Unconference

Last year we extended our conference with an unconference-track for the first time and we were overwhelmed with the positive reactions about it. Also our unconference sponsor Ibuildings was very pleased that they could host this special track. And like they say, you should never change a winning team. Therefore we’ve teamed up again this year to bring the Uncon back to the Conference!

What is an uncon?
An uncon is an unorganized track at the conference, there is no schedule and no timetable before the conference starts. The content of the uncon is made up by you and your fellow attendees.
At the start of, and during, the conference there will be a white board with someone from Ibuildings. If you have a great idea just walk up to the board, pick a slot, and you’re an uncon speaker! No strings attached!

Can I talk about anything?
Yes! Anything is allowed as long as it is not offensive; your favorite technology, something you learned the past years, your pet (project). Anything goes, as long as you think you can interest a crowd for it. Uncon slots can be filled with talk lengths between 5-10 minutes up to a full hour. So come prepared and attend or speak at this special track.

Get your tickets in time before they sell out

The early bird has ended and the final tickets are for sale now. Once they’re sold out chances are small that there will be more tickets available.

The PHPBenelux Conference is a great opportunity to get your skills trained for an amazing price. If you want to see what content is offered you can browse the Sessions page. Next to these talks there is also the social aspect. Interact with the people working with the same technologies as you do, exchange ideas, exchange opportunities. And last but not least we have the fun-factor, during our socials our sponsors and we will provide a lot of great entertainment to complement the whole conferencing experience.

So be sure to get your tickets, or convince your manager you need a ticket. We’d love to see you in Antwerp in January!

Good morning early birds, it's time to get your tickets

Our CFP team has processed all submissions and made an impressive selection of top notch talks. Thanks to all submitters for their awesome contributions and due to the high quality of the submissions, it was a difficult task to compose the schedule. Many submitters have already been contacted. The workshops are now selected for the talks we ask a little more patience. Meanwhile we can already announce our workshops:

Based on these workshops and the talks still to be announced, we can assure you that #phpbnl15 will have a great lineup. During the next weeks, we will gradually announce and publish all talks/speakers.

With the workshops already released, we can proudly announce the start of the PHPBNL15 ticket sales. Tickets can be ordered online at

Starting now, you can order tickets at early bird rates. We have 2 types of tickets available:

  • Early bird conference + tutorial tickets, available for 275 euro (excl VAT).
  • Early bird conference tickets, available for 150 euro (excl VAT).

More information about ticket sales can be found on our shop page. Enjoy the early bird discount and stay tuned for more amazing announcements.

Early bird tickets are available until December 10. Regular ticket sales start on December 11.

CfP for PHPBenelux Conference 2015 open!

Update: the CfP is now closed, we are working hard to select the talks and expect to announce the 2015 line up over the course of November 2014


It’s again September! Everyone has enjoyed a well deserved summer break, kids are back in school and our team is already heavily preparing PHPBenelux Conference 2015. Arranging venue, sponsor packages and catering desicions are the things we can take care of, but we can only call it a conference when speakers are on stage and this where we need you!

If you like to be a speaker at PHPBenelux Conference 2015, head over to our Call for Papers site and register your talks and tutorials. Details about our speaker package and talk requirements are there as well.

We welcome experienced speakers, but we also seek out individuals that have interesting things to share but haven’t spoken at a conference before.

Help us out and spread the word of our Call for Papers. If you know people that have knowledge they might want to share with a larger audience, point them to

We hope to welcome you next year as speaker.

The PHPBenelux Crew

Announcing the PHPBenelux Conference 2015

We’re proud to announce the PHPBenelux Conference 2015, the crew is already organizing at full pace and the date is set; January 23th and January 24th, 2015.

Like last year we’re already working on some great plans to deliver our visitors the best content mixed with a fun atmosphere where developers will learn, gather and enjoy.

Keep coming back to this site to get the latest news or follow PHPBenelux on Twitter.