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Announcing the Unconference

Last year we extended our conference with an unconference-track for the first time and we were overwhelmed with the positive reactions about it. Also our unconference sponsor Ibuildings was very pleased that they could host this special track. And like they say, you should never change a winning team. Therefore we’ve teamed up again this year to bring the Uncon back to the Conference!

What is an uncon?
An uncon is an unorganized track at the conference, there is no schedule and no timetable before the conference starts. The content of the uncon is made up by you and your fellow attendees.
At the start of, and during, the conference there will be a white board with someone from Ibuildings. If you have a great idea just walk up to the board, pick a slot, and you’re an uncon speaker! No strings attached!

Can I talk about anything?
Yes! Anything is allowed as long as it is not offensive; your favorite technology, something you learned the past years, your pet (project). Anything goes, as long as you think you can interest a crowd for it. Uncon slots can be filled with talk lengths between 5-10 minutes up to a full hour. So come prepared and attend or speak at this special track.