23 - 24 January 2015, Antwerp Belgium

Tutorial: Cute Little Interpreters

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Cute Little Interpreters is a workshop where you can learn how to build your own little programming language! Have you ever wondered how programming languages work on the inside? What is bytecode? How does a virtual machine work? Learn how to create your own stack machine, extend it with control flow to make it turing complete. Then create your own language that can be compiled to instructions and run on your very own interpreter. We will be parsing and compiling a subset of PHP itself! ## Prerequisites * A computer * A command line version of PHP * Basic knowledge of arrays, loops and numbers ## Takeaways You will learn about: * Fundamental problems in computer science * How the PHP compiler and the Zend Engine work * Why computers work * Why you should use an opcache * Which code micro-optimizations give the best performance, and why that’s irrelevant.

Igor Wiedler

A little bit too fake

Anthony Ferrara

Anthony Ferrara is a Developer Advocate for Google. He specializes in Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture, Web Application Security and PHP Internals. He is a contributor to multiple Open Source projects, as well as the PHP community as a whole. You can follow his blog at blog.ircmaxell.com or on Twitter at @ircmaxell.