23 - 24 January 2015, Antwerp Belgium

Tutorial: Making the World a Smarter Place with IoT

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Internet of Things (IoT) is the next scale of computing. One the one hand it’s going extremely small with micro controllers and small sensors. On the other hand, it’s going extremely large with the scale of the problems that it’s solving and the data it’s collecting. There are two related but separate goals of large scale IoT projects. The first is to quantify the world we live in for better intelligence. The second, the one that I love playing in, is making the world a smarter place. One of many places this is coming alive is in home automation. It’s one thing to be able to remotely turn on and off your thermostat. Imagine that your environment recognizes you and starts to adapt and react to you and actions in your space. Imagine that your bed realized you were starting to wake up and told the thermostat to kick in and then turned your coffee pot and started playing your favorite music. There’s a whole world of possibilities. In this three hour workshop, we will look at what IoT is and start building a sample home automation solution. The server side framework we’ll be using is Nitrogen (http://nitrogen.io) and we’ll be working with Alljoyn (https://allseenalliance.org/) to do peer to peer on the clients. We’ll be working in node.js on the server and using devices such as the Arduino Yun and Arduino Due. There will be a handful of extra devices which we can share but it’d be good for you to bring your own.

Josh Holmes

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