23 - 24 January 2015, Antwerp Belgium

Thank you for a great conference

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PHPBenelux Conference 2015 Registration

It’s over, it’s done. Last weekend was PHPBenelux Conference 2015 in Edegem, Belgium where we had 2 days of PHP goodness. People came from all over the world to our conference to listen to amazing and inspiring speakers, meet likeminded PHP-heads and inspire each other.

First off we would like to thank all of our speakers to have given their best sharing knowledge and wisdom with the audience. You did an awesome job and it was very exciting to see everyone at the conference being inspired and implementing your advises.

We also want to express our gratitude to our sponsors who helped us organizing a successful conference, unconference, epic social events, and last but not least bringing down the ticket price so we can keep the conference affordable for everyone.

The staff of Ter Elst has done a great job in supporting us setting up the rooms, preparing the drinks and meals and guaranteeing that the conference was a joyful experience for everyone. Thank you.

We also want to applaud our volunteers as they moved mountains during the conference. From registration, airport and train station runs to room management, each role was valuable and important. Thank you all.

And finally you, the audience. You came to learn, connect and share ideas while having a good time. We were truly amazed by the amount of positive tweets, facebook posts and hallway conversations we received during and after the conference. All this positive feedback is exactly why we love organizing such an event for you and because of your enormous support we’re already excited to get started with planning for #phpbnl16. We hope to see you there.

You can help us with this by leaving your feedback about the conference on our Joind.in event page. If you like the talks and conference, thanks. If not, tell the speakers and us what we could do to get the 5-star rating from you next time.

Last but not least a special mention goes to crew member Jeroen van Dijk who will continue his community efforts outside of the PHP Benelux crew team. Thank you Jeroen!!

See you next year, and in the meantime, keep sharing!

The PHP Benelux Crew

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