Please take note of some practical information below

Registration and welcome coffee Tutorials: from Friday 27/01 07h30

Our registration desk opens on the morning of Friday the 27th at 07h30 in the main hotel building for Tutorial attendees. You will also get early morning coffee in the Expo area  where most of the tutorials have their room

Registration and welcome coffee Regular Conference: from Friday 12h20

The registration desk for the regular conference will open on Friday noon, also in the main hotel building.

From Saturday on, the registration desk and info point can be found at the entrance of the Expo/Track building.


The final (well, what’s in a name) schedule is on-line and in print. You can plan your journey according to

Along with your badge, you will get a printed copy for your convenience.


The session and tutorials rooms are spread out over the whole venue, with the main hotel building containing the opening, closing and main track in the “Beethoven Auditorium”. Also in the main hotel building are 2 smaller rooms in use for the tutorials on Friday morning

The remainder of the rooms is to be found in the “Conference building”. Six tutorials and two tracks (“Permeke” and “Rubens”) are hosted there as well as the “Expo” room with sponsor stands.

The main catering will be served in and around the Expo room

Shuttle Bus

We are operating a free Shuttle Service from the two partner hotels (Hotel Vandervalk aka “Scandic” before), and Solhof. Please take note of the shuttle service times at

The shuttle bus is meant for your safety and convenience in the mornings, but also to drive you back from the venue after/during the conference socials

Community Village

This year, we will again have a dedicated Community Village for the PHP communities in the BeNeLux, as well as PHPWomen. If you’re interested in joining the community feel free to walk by and get some swag, talk to the people and see what is happening in your area.

Bringing people together has always been PHPBenelux’s main goal, because we believe that “Community Works”

Quiet Room(s)

Just as the past 2 years, we are offering some quiet rooms where you can withdraw for meditation, prayers or anything else to take a break from the crowds.

Code of conduct and Safety

Please take note of

With respect to safety and the conference socials: we are providing attractions with a great fun factor, but some also need your responsible behaviour. Use of the attractions are at your own risk.

If you have any concern, do not hesitate to contact anyone of the PHPBenelux team. Also the hotel/conference staff knows how to contact the responsible people of the crew. Serious!


We took into account your dietary preferences, so our vegetarian and vegan friends are not left in the cold. We do ask all our non-veggie participants to .. well be carnivorous by preference.

Socials (for those who registered for it)

The socials on Friday and Saturday evening will provide you with plenty of food, drinks and fun! With respect to drinks, you will receive vouchers

On Friday, along the famous Belgian fries and snacks, a food truck will serve veggie and vegan food. Those who indicated this during ticket sales will have a special mark on their badge, which will give them preference for this dedicated food truck.

Important to know for all: the fries will be fried in vegetable oil, so no need to skip those!

On Saturday, we will have a kind of winter dinner, also with veggie and vegan options.