Conference 2018

Invest in yourself with one of these tutorial sessions


Get hands-on and sharpen your saw or learn something new with one of the 8 tutorials at the PHPBenelux 2018 Conference.

Do you or the company you work for care about your professional development? Your development is best accompanied with training and we offer a variety of tutorials as an opportunity for you to improve yourself. Take this moment to ask your boss or manager to sponsor you in your personal and professional development (why not forward them this email?).

What you’ll get with a tutorial ticket

  • 3h tutorial hosted by a highly experienced professional
  • Delicious lunch served at 12:30
  • Full access to the conference and socials

All tutorials take place in the morning of Fri 26th January 2018 from 9:00 to 12:30 (with a coffee break in-between). After that we kickoff the conference with the keynote around 13:20.

Limited number of tickets per tutorial available. Once they are gone, they are gone!

  1. Building (on) IoT devices for web developers by Wim Godden
  2. Building Autonomous Services by Matthias Noback
  3. Debugging PHP Applications by David Buchmann
  4. Demystifying Object-Oriented Programming by Alena Holligan
  5. Domain-driven Design in PHP by Andrew Cassell
  6. Making Async Applications by Christopher Pitt
  7. Symfony 4 – Hands On! by Hugo Hamon
  8. Thinking in Events by Mariusz Gil

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