Frequently Asked Question

We receive lots of questions in regards to the availability of tickets, , invoices, hotels and discounts. So we have grouped these questions here for your convenience.

Tickets & discounts

Question: When tutorial or conference only tickets are “sold out”, will there be more tickets available later?

Answer: All tickets are made available for purchase. Some tickets are really popular and are sold out quickly. But this doesn’t mean that they are actually bought.

There is an option to pay by bank transfer and gives buyers the opportunity to reserve tickets. If the money is not received by our ticket sales partner, these tickets will become available again. This means that “sold out” doesn’t mean they are all paid for and they can become available again after a few days.

Question: Can we get a discount for bulk purchases?

Answer: No, unfortunately not. We have our early bird sales for discounted ticket prices, but our regular tickets are being sold for the amount they are being made available.

Question: What is the price difference between Early Bird tickets and regular tickets?

Answer: Early bird tickets are on average € 55 cheaper than regular ticket sales. Here’s the price overview:

  • Conference only
    • Early bird pricing: € 217,80
    • Regular pricing: € 248,05 (+ € 30,25)
  • Tutorial
    • Early bird pricing: € 393,25
    • Regular pricing: € 447,70 (+ € 54,45)


Question: Can I book a room at the conference venue?

Answer: No. The hotel of the venue has only a limited amount of rooms available. We have all of these rooms booked for staff, speakers and sponsors.

Please have a look at Venue page for recommended hotels in the neighborhood. Bonus: we provide a shuttle service between these hotels and the conference venue on both Friday and Saturday.


Question: We purchased our tickets, but can we get an official invoice?

Answer: If you require an invoice for your purchase, please send an e-mail to with your ticket ID and your VAT information (if you haven’t provided it during purchase). At the end of each month we will send you your invoice.