Code Robustness with Phan

By: Patrick Allaert

Some languages (C, C++, Go, Java, C#, …) requires compiling your whole code base before being executed. This could be seen as a counter-productive required step, taking time and that must be performed for any single code change.
It has, however, the benefit of analyzing the whole code and may not complete because of many different kind of errors: insufficient number of arguments, wrong types, unknown methods/classes/constants/…, undefined variables, … In PHP, you may have the bad surprise of discovering those at runtime.

Phan is a static analyzer for PHP that can bridge that gap by analyzing the complete abstract syntax tree (AST) generated from your code, without having to execute any parts of it.

In this session, we will see the kind of errors that Phan can detect, and how Phan could be extended with plugins.