Jenkins Automation


When you want to guarantee code quality, do continuous deployments or any other automation you will need a good continuous integration server. While there are many great (hosted) solutions like TravisCi, CircleCi, etc … when it comes to **full control** or the need for private hosting, **Jenkins** is the right candidate. However, Jenkins could be …

Microservices gone wrong


Anthony Ferrara

Microservices are the latest architectural trend to take the PHP community by storm. Is it a good pattern? How can you use it effectively? In this talk, we’ll explore real world experience building out a large scale application based around microservices: what worked really well, what didn’t work at all, and what we learned along …

PSR-18: Abstracting HTTP clients in PHP


PSR-18 defines how to send PSR-7 requests without binding your code to a specific client implementation. This is particularly interesting for reusable libraries that need to send HTTP requests but don’t care about specific client implementations.