Anthony Ferrara

Anthony Ferrara is the CTO for Lingo Live. He specializes in Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture, Web Application Security, and Team Building and Management. He is best known for his contributions to the PHP language, along with a broad history of collaborations to the PHP community as a whole. You can follow his blog at or on Twitter at

Bastian Hofmann

Bastian is a System Engineer at SysEleven, a full-service hosting company, where he focuses on bringing the power Kubernetes to its customers. Before that he was caring about performance, monitoring, web-security and developer productivity at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. When he is not developing stuff or looking at graphs, he likes to cycle, do Yoga, go to beer gardens and frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Christopher Riley

Chris is a freelance consultant based in York, Uk with experience working in the public sector, small and large companies throughout North Yorkshire. Chris has over 10 years experience with PHP and has a keen focus on both software architecture and none functional requirements such as security, performance and maintainability. In his free time, Chris can often be found producing or playing with experimental libraries and contributing to Zend framework.

Dave Stokes

Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle. Previously he was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and SUN. He has worked for companies ranging alphabetically from the American Heart Association to Xerox and work ranging from Anti-submarine warfare to web developer.

David Buchmann

David Buchmann works at Liip AG as Symfony expert. He is active in several Open Source projects, notably the FOSHttpCache library and the HTTPlug client abstraction. When he is not coding, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, music, magic the gathering and other games.

David McKay

David McKay is a software and technology professional, born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland.

As a serial user group organiser, organising Cloud Native Glasgow, Docker Glasgow, DevOps Glasgow and Pair Programming Glasgow, David is always searching for new and creative ways to share knowledge with others.

Oh, and he quite likes domain-driven design, micro-services and clean code.

Denis Brumann

Denis started his PHP-journey back in 2007, when he was in university, working on a requirements engineering tool using PHP 5.2. The tool still floats around the internet, but he is too embarrassed for his code to tell people where. Since then he wrote code he is less embarrassed about at an e-commerce agency, a startup and now at SensioLabs.

Derek Binkley

Derek is the Technical Lead at the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the creator of licensing exams for attorneys. He actively mentors other developers, specializes in Java, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Oracle and advocates for developer testing and adoption of agile methods. When not in front of a computer he enjoys spending time with family, traveling and drinking a local craft beer.