Frank de Jonge

Frank de Jonge is a freelance developer, creator of Flysystem and EventSauce, and member of The PHP League’s leadership team.

Gary Hockin

Gary Hockin is a Senior Developer at the BBC working on the Audiences team. He is a talented and evocative speaker, a cultivated author of impressively entertaining blog posts, and records elegant and informative screencasts and videos. Gary’s also a contributor to the Zend Framework and is argumentative enough to be on the community review team.

Gary’s a developer of at least “competent” standard with nearly 20 years experience developing applications. When not developing, speaking about developing, reading about developing or writing about developing, Gary enjoys playing computer games and arguing with his wife and two kids. Gary has recently discovered that conferences ask speakers to write their own biography text, and you can get away with writing pretty much anything you want.

Ian Littman

When he isn’t building or maintaining web applications, primarily of the API variety, for a handful of clients, Ian is probably biking between successively later-closing coffee shops in Austin, Texas, or making some sort of comment about transportation infrastructure. He also helps organize the Austin PHP user group and Longhorn PHP Conference.

Ike Devolder

Ike Devolder is a developer at e-commerce agency Studio Emma. Largely focussed on automating repetitive boring tasks. With our delivery and quality in mind. He’s mostly using PHP, Python and shell scripting to accomplish those goals. From time to time he’s acting as resident git manual.

Besides work Ike is also spending part of his free time in Open Source development and packaging some applications for Archlinux. As en extra he’s also involved in the organization of PHP-WVL.

Jachim Coudenys

Jachim Coudenys is a PHP developer at Combell. Since discovering PHP in 2002 (4.1.0), his work and after-work activities brought him from the world of development to server management, development workflows, more development, etc… Next to being a long-time member of PHPBenelux, he is co-organizer the PHP-WVL, a user group in West Flanders (BE). He is a Zend Certified developer and Certified MongoDB Developer & DBA. You can follow him on and read his occasional blog posts on

Jens Segers

Lead developer at Teamleader, open source contributor.

Jeroen v.d. Gulik

Jeroen is co-founder of Isset, software architect, consultant, coach and occasional speaker. Often brought in at large companies to enable change and innovation projects. His company specializes in video streaming/transcoding and publishing platforms. Co-organizer of DDDNL and boardgames enthousiast. He also likes cats and penguins.