Tobias Nyholm

Tobias is an open source enthusiast and has spent many years trying to bring something good to the community. He is a Symfony core team member, co-host of the Sound of Symfony podcast, organizer of Swedish PHP meetups. He maintains projects like, guzzle, buzz, php-geocoder, KnpGithub API client, Maingun API client, LinkedIn API client, Neo4j bundle, Puli, Assert and many more. He is also involved with the PHP-FIG by writing a PSR for HTTP clients.

Toni Van de Voorde

Toni Van de Voorde is CTO at Adsdaq, a Brussels based company, where he helps building a unique digital advertising transaction automation platform. He has over +10 years off experience in writing enterprise web applications and his passions are clean code, testing & quality assurance, automation and application architecture.