Final information

With just a few days before the conference begins we’ll just want to let you know about these final things to keep in mind.

First of all the registration for tutorial tickets starts at 08:00 and for regular tickets at 12:00. Respectively the tutorials themselves start at 09:00 and the opening of the regular conference at 13:20. So make sure to register in time to avoid long waiting lines.

Students who purchased a student ticket MUST bring their student ID card.

If you don’t know where your tutorial will take place, ask the volunteers at the registration desk, they will happily help you with directions. If you don’t remember which tutorial you wanted to attend, look on your badge, it should tell you.


The official address for the venue is “Ter Elst, Kattenbroek 1, 2650 Edegem“. You can find more information on their website.

There is enough parking space at the venue, but if you can, try to car pool with your colleagues. It also makes it easier to get home safe after the socials.

Last tickets, shop closes January 13

Howdy dear PHP developers. This is your final call!

The ticket shop will close on January 13 at 5:00PM (CET), so if you’re still looking for tickets be sure to claim them in time!
We look forward to seeing you all at our conference, and together we’ll make it a fun, productive and interesting event for everyone.

If you still wish to have a ticket you can contact us via

See y’all on January 24 and 25 in Hotel Ter Elst in Edegem.

Introducing student tickets


For many years we’ve had the request to allow students to join the conference at a reduced price. For this year we might have great news for these young PHP apprentices; they’re in the ticket shop right now! We want to make a kind gesture to the younger generation by giving them a huge discount and be part of the community.

Take note that you’ll need to show your student card at the registration desk of the conference as these tickets are exclusively for students.

Ticket sales are well underway

Ticket sales for PHPBenelux Conference 2020 are well underway, if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite tutorial or conference tickets we strongly advise to get your tickets in time as the amount is limited.

The conference consists of a 2-day programme with tutorials in the morning on the first day and 1 and a half day of talks following directly after that. Over the past years we’ve build up a reputation to be an affordable high-quality PHP conference. But we also like to go beyond that with sponsors joining the yearly theme (which is Country this year) and social activities to keep everyone entertained during the evening.

Included in the ticket price are the lunch (2 lunches for tutorial tickets), drink vouchers for evening social and dinner in the evening.

Upgrade your PHP related skills with our tutorials

Ticket sales are well underway, and with christmas at our doorstep what better gift could you get than a whole new skill set from one of these great tutorials.

All these tutorials are sold with a conference ticket so you’ll get both the tutorial and a selection of great talks to even further extend your knowledge. And to top it off don’t forget you’ll meet a lot of people from around the globe during our socials, with who you can have a drink and exchange all the great ideas that make our industry what it is today and what it’ll be in the future.

Tickets for PHPBenelux Conference on sale

Tickets for PHPBenelux Conference are on sale now. Be sure to get yours in time because the past several years the conference has been sold out.

PHPBenelux Conference always tries to keep ticket prices low and this is mostly thanks to our sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring please review our sponsor document, some packages also already include a few tickets.