Final information

With just a few days before the conference begins we’ll just want to let you know about these final things to keep in mind.

First of all the registration for tutorial tickets starts at 08:00 and for regular tickets at 12:00. Respectively the tutorials themselves start at 09:00 and the opening of the regular conference at 13:20. So make sure to register in time to avoid long waiting lines.

Students who purchased a student ticket MUST bring their student ID card.

If you don’t know where your tutorial will take place, ask the volunteers at the registration desk, they will happily help you with directions. If you don’t remember which tutorial you wanted to attend, look on your badge, it should tell you.


The official address for the venue is “Ter Elst, Kattenbroek 1, 2650 Edegem“. You can find more information on their website.

There is enough parking space at the venue, but if you can, try to car pool with your colleagues. It also makes it easier to get home safe after the socials.