Pairing With RUM: How DevOps Can Benefit From Real User Monitoring

By: Priit Potter

An often overlooked and under-invested area of the DevOps transformation is monitoring, and specifically real user monitoring. This talk is about how taking small steps towards enabling real user monitoring can result in huge strides towards improvements for DevOps teams.

Monitoring, which is a part of the DevOps toolchain, isn’t given the right kind of treatment. It is mostly included as an afterthought and is a hodgepodge of custom telemetry, impulsively built instrumentation, and a handful of mark-and-measure scripts for the front-end.

The landscape of monitoring tools consists of infrastructure and system monitoring tools, network monitoring tools, log monitoring tools, application monitoring, performance monitoring, synthetics, and various others. These form a complex pool of software by themselves, and their output quickly overwhelms engineers and engineering teams with numbers. Enormous time and effort is spent by engineering teams in converting these numbers into intelligent and actionable insights. Only to be made extinct by the next failures in production or new wave of tools and techniques introduced to the DevOps ecosystem.

The perpetual priority for DevOps is user experience. Degradation in user experience should always be priority #1. Therefore, all monitoring, alerting, and paging systems must be tuned to focus on metrics about user experience.

This talk explores many tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you complete your transformation to a truly DevOps-ready team/organization.

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