Marcus Bointon

When not working on and supporting 1CRM, I’m the maintainer of PHPMailer, a top-10 PHP project on GitHub, and probably the world’s most popular email sending code. I’m a contributor to many other open-source projects, and I wrote the WHATWG HTML5 email address specification. I’m an accomplished Linux sysadmin and MySQL DBA, providing performance, scalability and security consulting, and I’m a technical writer and pentester for Radically Open Security. I’ve spoken at technical conferences in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. I live in the French alps with my wife and kids, where I can indulge my passions for skiing and mountain biking.

Matthias Noback

Matthias Noback is a professional web developer (since 2003). He lives in Zeist, The Netherlands, with his girlfriend, son, and daughter.

Matthias has his own web development, training and consultancy company called Noback’s Office. He has a strong focus on backend development and architecture, always looking for better ways to design software.

Since 2011 he’s been blogging about all sorts of programming-related topics on Matthias has published several books, most recently “Principles of Package Design” (Apress, 2018), and “Object Design Style Guide” (Manning, 2019).

Michelle Sanver

Michelle is a code-passionate colourful geek and with more than 15 years of PHP experience, she is eager to share her extensive knowledge. She works at Liip, a self organised company based in Switzerland. At Liip she proudly does many things, including organising internal hiking events! But her main day to day work is as a developer. It involves an ever changing API for a big retailer in Switzerland, using mainly Symfony, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ.

Michiel Rook

Michiel Rook is a very experienced, passionate and pragmatic freelance IT consultant from the Netherlands. Working as a coach, software developer & architect, and a strong leader, he considers it his mission to help companies significantly improve their software quality and delivery process. Currently, he focuses on adopting Continuous Delivery & DevOps principles, culture and tooling, legacy software transformations, and cloud migrations.

Michiel is a regular speaker at (international) conferences and events. When he’s not thinking about continuous deployment, devops or event sourcing he enjoys music, cars, sports and movies.

Nikola Poša

Software Architect specializing in PHP-based applications. Advocates software development practices that ensure high quality and high maintainability, including Clean Code, Object Calisthenics, Hexagonal Architecture and Continuous Integration. Involved with the PHP community, writes about software development on his blog, and occasionally presents talks at meetups and international conferences.

Paula Čučuk

Paula is the lead backend developer at Locastic digital agency, with more than 6 years of experience in creating complex custom apps using PHP. In the last few years she has been working with Symfony, Sylius and API Platform, but she’ll tell you that API platform projects are her favourite, by far.

Philipp Krenn

Philipp lives to demo interesting technology. Having worked as a web, infrastructure, and database engineer for over ten years, Philipp is now working as a developer advocate at Elastic — the company behind the Elastic Stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Based in Vienna, Austria, he is constantly traveling Europe and beyond to speak and discuss open source software, search, databases, infrastructure, and security.

Priit Potter

Priit balances tech and humans at Plumbr. He focuses his efforts on the larger webperf community in educating, engaging, and empowering them.